Anna Nazarova is a visual artist working with documentary, archival and art photography, collages. Born and living in Yaroslavl, Russia. The personal projects are dedicated to subjects of memory, identity, bodyness and mythology.

Group exhibitions

2022 Krasnenkaya antibiennale, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2021 “OBJECT № 4” /gallery FFTN, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

2019 Festival “Avangard” /Yvanovo, Russia

2019  “The future” /gallery Fotografika, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

2018 “My universe” /Moscow, Russia

2018 Best Cild and Family Photo FAMILY EXPO 2018 /Rome, Italy

Online exhibitions

2021 F-Stop Magazine Issue #106 Self-Portrait

2021 “Черный ящик” on Wall-online

2020 virtual collection Home Museum, LagosPhoto Festival 2020

2020 OBJECT № 4” on Wall-online

2019 “Нет меня одней” on Wall-online

Contests and festivals

2020 LagosPhoto Festival 2020

Book projects

2021 author of collective publication Newspaper OBJECT № 4 /Sankt-Petersburg, Russia


2021 A personal course Body and expirience by Ekaterina Vasilyeva /Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

2020 A personal course Between new ecology and phuturology by Ekaterina Vasilyeva /Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

2020 A personal course The thing is not in itself by Ekaterina Vasilyeva /Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

2020 A personal course by Jana Romanova The general line

2019 Photobooks workshop by Kazuma Obara /Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

2018−2019 FOTOGRAFIKA Academy of Documentary Photography /Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

2017 Visual Room in FotoDepartament /Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

1999−2004 Yaroslavl state university, faculty of Law, incomplete postgraduate study in philosophy