The waking dreams


digital collages

“Primary dichotomy between body and mind 

laid in the very essence of man and distinguishes it 

from nature, sharing with it”. 

 Erich Fromm The Art of Loving

The desire to escape from the everyday life of family and motherhood led me to create my own world in which dreams become brighter than reality. Assembling these collages gave me the opportunity to escape and allowed me to compose my own fairy tale about the Little Mermaid. In my project, I try to convey the feeling of a fish in an aquarium, but at the same time the fish becomes a symbol of creative freedom for me.

Work on the project has become a search for one of the possible answers to the question I ask myself.  Through awareness of relationships with the body, through an attempt to see and show the distance that is between us. Changing the distance and focus on the assembly, I tried to catch what always slipped away from me.  

Allowing the body to be seen from different angles and in detail, I gave it the right to simply be outside the categories of the beautiful and  the ugly, filling this space with some possibilities. Considering the body as the boundary between the outside world and man, I came across a more important and significant part of myself, hidden under its surface.